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Leader and Officer Status

Uniquisher FounderEM posted Feb 5, 15
Here's the current roster for our Voxel Buster staff.
If you've been accepted into the club, message an Officer or Leader in-game to receive your Club invite!

  • Uniquisher
  • Stedms
  • Comply
  • Meowsifer
  • Shouri
  • Heisenbear
  • Ds7s
  • Fizzinc
  • Smeeshy
  • Humpypants

Feel free to throw us an in-game whisper or an Enjin message if you have any questions or concerns!

Patch - Flasky Tuesday Edition

Heisenbear Officer posted May 17, 16

Weekly Events

  • Chaos Chest contents have been shuffled! This week, get your hands on Shock (the Monkey)!
  • Fast Fishing! For this week fish twice as fast!
  • Flasks are on sale! All credit prices have been halved for this week only!

Misc Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Right clicking on a item's icon that is listed the Market Place sale will now cancel the listing.
  • Additional logging to help improve latency down the line!
  • Fixed a bug where interacting with a Loot Collector, then closing the loot collector, then right clicking an item in your inventory wouldn't try to equip that item.
  • Fixed a bug where right clicking items in Chests with the Marketplace and Inventory both open would incorrectly try to put items from your inventory into the Marketplace sale slots.
  • Fixed bug where store sometimes didn't immediately disable purchase buttons after buying products that cannot be repurchased.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck if they changed classes while dodging.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ice Sage's Frozen Ward could stick around after changing classes.

Weekly Events
  • Chaos Chest contents have been shuffled! Get your hands on three all-new Big Cat mounts! Including Ol' Chomper, the Sabertooth Tiger created by community member Aviarei!
  • Cubit rewards from completing the Star Bar have been doubled!

  • Shadow Tower - Fixed a bug on the Weeping Prophet and Piñata God that prevented their minions from properly shooting players. Hope you enjoyed the easy mode
  • Battle Arena - Fixed the Revenant Ultimate when in Battle Arena matches.
  • UI - Clubs - Fixed an issue where club sorting would randomize when logging on different accounts on the same machine (or when using the PTS server). After logging in and out once, the club list will now keep your clubs in the same order, and will always fill your club list starting from the top.

Patch - Easter Costume Sale!

Heisenbear Officer posted Mar 22, 16

Weekly Events

  • Chaos Chest contents have been shuffled! Get your hands on the Revenant Costume: Super Magical!
  • The Dragon Coin rewards from challenges has been doubled!

The following costumes are 50% off for this week:

  • Bee Trickster - Fae Trickster
  • Lunar Ronin - Neon Ninja
  • Shadow's Disciple - Ice Sage
  • Bone Knight - Knight
  • Myco Medic - Chloromancer
  • Monkey King - Lunar Lancer
  • Candorian Praetorian - Revenant
  • Funereal Pharaoh - Tomb Raiser
  • Magic Man - Boomeranger
  • Dreamolyte - Dracolyte
  • Uberman - Gunslinger
  • Sugar Skull - Candy Barbarian
  • Shadow's Shroud - Shadow Hunter
  • Mad Scientist - Pirate Captain

Spring Has Arrived!

  • Kick Seasonal Affective Disorder to the curb, and prance around in the sunny, beautiful Spring Hub!
  • Spring Plants can now be grown.
  • Winter Plants can no longer be grown.


  • Fixed a bug that could get the mouse cursor stuck on the screen, if you were holding Alt when you started loading.

Trickster Tuesday Edition

Heisenbear Officer posted Mar 15, 16

  • Chaos Chest contents have been shuffled! Get your hands on the Regular Centaur mount!

  • Added a recipe to craft the Contestaur at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench (requires a Regular
  • Avarem and Twixler will now show up on the Heart-O-Phones received leaderboard <3!
  • Added unique sounds to the Ultimate ability for the Magical Girl skin for the Revenant class.
  • Spikes spawned by the Spike Walker now only last 60 seconds.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where the Fae Trickster would sometimes rapidly fire shots that did no damage.
  • Fixed a bug where chat messages from one of your clubs would appear all black.
  • Fixed bug where block damage overlays could persist after parts of the world were unloaded, causing degraded performance over time. Thanks, Pfiffel!
  • Fixed bug where enemies affected by Lunar Lancer's ultimate would be hit by his/her Crescent Combo even when out of range. Thanks again, Pfiffel!
  • Fixed a bug where repeatedly jumping and using a ship would give a large speed boost.
  • Fixed an issue where there was a delay in speeding up/slowing down when mounting/dismounting when latency was high.
  • Fixed bug where, after loading into a world, entities popped in and out and grass disappeared and regrew.
  • Fixed bug where standing above a chest and shooting down at it caused your shots to go wild.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Sages could fall forever in Battle Arenas.

Stedms Leader Woo, awesome to see some of those bug fixes

Deathmatch Edition

Dexa Member posted Jan 26, 16

New Chaos Chest with all new semi-permanent chaos loot!
  • Unlock Koroki, the Sower of Chaos! This rare mount plants blades of chaos grass wherever you roam.
  • You can also pick up the Contorting Contemplator ally. This tiny tentacled terror only has eye for you!
  • Also available is the new Whispers of Chaos aura.
  • The Skeye Stalkers Wings are a sight to behold!
  • Featured loot this week is the Revenant Warhorse.
  • Ally styles for all! We previously hotfixed this so it’s not just for devs anymore, and needed to make sure you folks got the memo.
  • Equipment now has a "Gear Level" stat. This makes it easier to compare equipment and see how it contributes to your total gear level.
  • You can now create custom portals for 3v3 Capture The Flag and 3v3 or 5v5 Team Deathmatch Battle Arenas!
  • Mounts that are leaving the store next week are on sale this week at 50% off the Credit price!

Game Update
  • UI windows are now dynamic! This means the active window will show up on top of other windows. For example, active chat will finally appear over the Character menu.
  • Type /bow and press enter, and you won't believe what happens next!!!!!! (You'll bow)
  • When logging out in an Adventure World you can be placed back into that same Adventure world upon logging back in if it's still running.
  • Battles with Shadow Titans will now display a fixed health meter in place of the compass, so you can always see how much health is remaining. Melee classes of the world rejoice!
  • Club logs will now record people placing special blocks.
  • When killed by a minion in PvP, the death message now shows the owner of that murderous minion.
  • Removed the delay between auto-loot items (blocks, glim, etc.) dropping and being looted.
  • To receive loot from an Adventure World a character has to meet the requirements of that world.
  • To receive loot from a Shadow Tower a character has to meet the requirements of that world. (Levels 12,15, 20,20 for normal mode and 20-26-26-36 for hard mode)
  • Block destruction VFX now appear when a block is destroyed by a remote player.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where a block damaged by the local player appeared to recover and be damaged again in quick succession.
  • Fixed bug where block loot sometimes didn't appear after destroying a block.
  • Fix remaining users who logged out in a Club World but were sent to the Hub when they've been logged out for a while.
  • Fixed an issue where using /epicpose while not actively mounted would cause the player's weapon to disappear.
  • Fix intra-club linked portals teleporting to invalid locations.
  • Some mysterious rectangles in various effects were missed in last week's fix. They have now been eliminated.
  • Flags and power-ups should be picked up more quickly in PVP.
  • Fixed crash caused by repeatedly clicking tabs in the Collections window